AI Assisted Issue Detection

Intuitive Cloud Interface


CityROVER is an artificial intelligence app that runs on a smartphone mounted on a car windshield and detects deficiencies on a road automatically.
rover detect potholesrover detect potholes

Next Generation Tool

CityROVER automatically identifies road based incidents by using artificial intelligence. It is a tool that’s designed to augment municipal operations and asset maintenance through better situational awareness on the condition of municipal assets and events of interest.

Cover More Road, Quicker

Rover collects data on your roads without stopping your vehicle. Support your staff in keeping up with the ever expanding network of roads.

Better Road Safety

There are many things that a road surveyor needs to pay attention to as they’re driving. CityROVER covers some of those things so that they can focus on driving safely.

Timely Reports

Every time a road surveyor drives out on the road is an opportunity to learn about the status of your assets, and whether there are incidents that require immediate attention.

Secure and Private

We designed CityROVER for governmental use. This means that our system meets rigorous cloud review assessment by some of the world’s leading governmental organizations when it comes to security, availability and privacy.

Online Access

CityROVER provides near real-time analytics that measures, identifies and tracks incidents detected on a roadway, including their GPS coordinates.

Save Time Investigating Issues

Review, plan, schedule and assign work to repair crews from home or anywhere else.

Map Out Your Route

Visually plan out the repair route with respect to the number of incidents and severity.

Close the Loop

Dispatch your crews directly to resolve incidents detected by CityROVER using the CityROVER Companion App.

Potholes on a road with white dividing lines

Work Order Compatible

When a road defect is detected, the incident is automatically recorded digitally. CityROVER works with your existing work order system to manage all your work orders.


Free and easy to setup

CityROVER can be installed in minutes without any permanent modifications to your vehicle.

Affordable to Install

Installing CityROVER typically takes less than 10 minutes and can be done under any budget.

Easy to Operate

Operating CityROVER is as easy as launching the app and driving.

Free to Try

We value your time, which is why we allow government users to try CityROVER on a risk free basis without any commitments.

Live Chat Support

and Free Training

Live chat support is available during all business days, including access to information sessions and educational materials


Awards & Recognition

IDC North America Smart Cities

Smart Cities North America Award

Smart Cities Connect

Smart Cities Awards


Technology Achievement Award


Devon Aaroe, Director of Infrastructure, The Corporation of the City of Dawson Creek

“Leveraging technology in this way helps us to be more efficient as well as provides us metrics. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. I am able to report out regularly how much effort we are putting into asphalt road repair when, in the past, we were only able to say that we were simply just out everyday. Being able to show that we are being productive and knowing that we are actively working to increase our level of service has been a win-win for us.”

Phong Nguy, Manager of Contracts, Field Services and Maintenance, City of Windsor

“Working with Visual Defence is a fantastic relationship. Right from the start, they’re able to meet our needs, they’re very responsive, the technology is very easy to adapt. It’s extremely organized.
They’re a fantastic partnership for a municipality like ours.”

Dennis King, Roads Supervisor, City of Markham

“CityROVER has benefited the city with handling our road work and adding a layer of protection to our documentation within our network.”

Ralph Prestia, Maintenance Supervisor, City of Windsor

“This Unit Takes a lot of stress off of them [scouting staff]. It’s like having another pair of eyes on the roadways at all times. Safety being one of our number one concerns. This unit has really helped us achieve that goal”

Alice Lam, Director of Operations, City of Markham

“Having this device capturing the pothole location can save them (inspectors) time from stopping and having to mark down the location. It also eliminates human error.”

Corey Hill, Road Supervisor, Durham Region

“We’re able to categorize them [potholes] on level of severity and determine where we need to go right away.”

Tony Varacalli, Maintenance Supervisor, City of Windsor

“It saves us time from searching for them [potholes] when they’re already found for us.”

Barry Budhu, Manager of Transportation Services, Public Works Department, Township of King

“CityROVER is a game changer.”

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